‘LoveYourLife’ Coach, Yoga Teacher
and Retreat Facilitator

Treading or Floating Water – Kauai Insight

I was in Kauai June 2014 –  Having so much fun…playing in waterfalls, caves, the ocean, and taking consistent daily inspired action in service to You!

I had just co-facilitated the Awakened Woman Retreat for 20 incredible women ready to step into their purpose and share their gifts with the world in a financially thriving sustainable and FUN way! (without stress/burnout)

And that’s exactly what these women are doing! One woman within a few days of the retreat signed her first month-long client fully aligned with her purpose and dreams!

(Here we are naked ocean swimming!)


So much to share, and at the moment what’s most present is this: Do you tread water, or do you float? 

Co-creating the image below, I recognized the metaphor and experience of floating versustreading water….

Of course I would float for the pic, then waiting till the next pic I would treadwater….but I realized after a couple shots that I didn’t need to tread water –  I could just float, no effort, being fully supported by the elements. 

Same scenario, same result, but different way – The simple, easy way. 

So I started to apply that to my life immediately and am inviting you to do the same:

  • In what ways do you make things more complicated than they need to be? 
  • What support is being offered to you that you aren’t ‘receiving’? 
  • Can you choose to feel safe surrendering and letting go of control? 
  • Can you feel how the divine/god/universe is supporting you?
  • Do you ask for the support you need from others? From the Divine?
  • (Stop pretending you’re confused and give yourself permission to Want what you want, and need what you need!) 

I have been very good at ‘manifesting’ things without the support of the divine, without complete full trust…but it takes a lot of work and energy to do it that way!

Relax with me to the next level and FLOAT….Totally supported in your divine purpose, here now, free from struggle, complication, confusion, and doubt.

With a big Mahalo (thank you) and a reminder…this is the year to shift from “I can do this” to “I am doing this”!