‘LoveYourLife’ Coach, Yoga Teacher
and Retreat Facilitator

The 4 steps I use to address trauma retriggerings

Last night – A Personal Journey Victory:

I had the shortest trauma retriggering I’ve ever experienced! It was about 5-7 minutes total till I was back to relaxed with my heart open.

I’m not sure exactly what the trigger was….I just felt immediately unsafe for no reason and confused and wanting to cry a little, starting to shutdown and disconnect.

I took deep breaths, some rescue remedy, let go of any stories/thoughts, and opened right back up again.

It used to be days of retriggering…Now Feeling So Amazing that it was only a few minutes and didn’t include shame or lack of self-acceptance/embarrassment or not speaking my truth.

Do you or someone else experience retriggerings?

Here’s a 6min video I made on what retriggerings are and the 4steps I’ve used to heal so they’re rare (every few months), short, and graceful.