The Golden Hawk program is an initiation, practicing, and integrating a New Way of Living, one that is satisfying, liberated, passionate,and imbued with invincible grace.

It is designed forwomen devoted to embodying their creative potential as they practice empowering mastery techniques and unleash their authentic beauty. This kind of Invincibility comes from a Graceful Inner Strength, an intimate knowingness of who you are and what you’re here to share.

GH Program is developed for women with at least 3 years personal development experience who are ready for an accelerated leap into their next potential, are fully committed to living their purpose-inspired dreams, and recognize the importance of receiving top-notch support.

This is a call for you to transform the stress, overwhelm, doubt, confusion, scattered energy, blocks, and claim your power as you use cutting edge practices for self-love, confidence, magnetism, thoughts, emotions, and taking consistent inspired action towards your dreams.

The results include:

  • Feeling magnetic, confident, inspired and alive
  • Experience a new empowered way of navigating life that’s integrated and cultivates the woman you choose to become
  • Cutting through the illusions and confusions so decision-making can be effective, aligned with truth and supporting your priorities
  • A clear strategic plan to catalyzed inspired momentum and consistent action
  • Receive the accountability you need to implement your dreams and desires
  • Feel strong in your mind and in your capacity to remain centered with your emotions.

This level of premium transformation work isn’t for everyone. It is for you if you are ready to prioritize creating the life you desire, rise beyond stress and drama, living your full potential with passion.

The Program Includes:

Golden Wings Initiation:

2 hr Initiation Visioning Session to explore the larger vision of your life, your deep desires, specific patterns and blocks you are choosing to shift. We will develop a timeline and goals for our work together that are aligned with your availability and creating inspired momentum. We will also be activating the sacred container of this program with a powerful visualization and mastery activation.

Every Month You Will Receive:

Two 75-Minute Sessions of world class coaching to support you in excelling with claiming your power, cultivating your confidence, developing healthy relationships, dissolving drama, confusion, anxiety, stress, and living from a deep state of trust.


Specific and precise writing prompts that catalyze confidence, create magnetic clarity, transform stuck energy,and inform your success strategy. I will offer feedback on all worksheets before our call/vip day.

Assignments and Practices:

Specific customized assignments ranging from meditations, visualizations, actions that develop the inner mastery and embodied shifts necessary to experience liberation.

Bonus 1: Cutting Edge Videos Access: 

Emailed private links to teaching videos chosen specifically to meet your needs from my transformation online courses (Invincible Woman Program, LaunchNow For Women Entrepreneurs, Emotional Mastery and Create Your Dream Relationship)

Bonus 2: Accountability

Accountability is crucial to create grounded clear consistent actions, I will touch-base with you on the weeks we don’t have a vip-day or phone session, via facebook or text regarding your goals, what’s working and what isn’t.

Investment for 3 months: $3,000

Investment for 6 months: $6,000

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