Retreats, a deep passion of mine...

Facilitating retreats is a deep passion of mine, there's something uniquely powerful about the Sacred Alchemy of a group of women coming together for 3-5 days in person, co-creating sacred sisterhood in a beautiful location, with a shared intention for accelerated healing and transformation. After being a guest facilitator and assistant facilitator at multiple retreats in Sedona and Peru and Colorado, I started offering my own retreats in June 2014 and have been honored to facilitate 5 retreats in Kauai, Dominican Republic, Virgin Islands, and California.

With each retreat I am in awe of the amazing new friendships and the immediate results for the women like chronic pain disappearing, a new job offer, new business idea, transforming unhealthy relationship to a thriving one, claiming one's purpose, and more.

My Signature Retreat Experience always include:

* Kundalini Yoga * Meditation and Chanting * Nature Adventure * Sacred Sisterhood Workshop * Dance, Laughing Yoga and other movement forms *Emotional Mastery Immersive Interactive Workshop *Delicious healing foods * Silence * Professional Photo Shoot to Capture who you're becoming * Authentic Confidence Training * Healing from Trauma Playshop * Action Plans * Additional workshops depending on retreat focus

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Video Testimonials

Your Deep Desire Retreat,

Dominican Republic, 2015

Awaken Your Freedom Retreat,

California, 2014

Awakened Woman Retreat,

Kauai, Hawaii, 2014

Awakened Woman Retreat,

St. Crois, USVI, 2015

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