Video Testimonials

Your Deep Desire Retreat,

Dominican Republic, 2015

Awaken Your Freedom Retreat,

California, 2014

Awakened Woman Retreat,

Kauai, Hawaii, 2014

Awakened Woman Retreat,

St. Crois, USVI, 2015

Client Testimonials

Kayt Pearl, Musician/Performance Artist - Invincible Woman Program

I really enjoyed the accountability aspect of the program. I found it to be pivotal, to set goals with Emma that were specific then touchbase later, and then hear the encouraging direct question: What’s Next? It was quite uniquely powerful.I haven’t been open to that in the past.

Emma's style is a refinement process I appreciate, that helps deconstruct rather than letting it be nebulous… breaking the seeming challenges and goals down with a structured process. I loved the worksheets and how they were supportive for the work on the call but not dependent on it.They were not just echoes, but additional very supportive material that lent more of a depth, greater dimensions to it.

Jesse Johnson, Actor and Musician - VIP Private Coaching

Working with Emma Juniper is a soul awakening experience. Her approach to life coaching is unique in it's spiritual foundation yet practical applicability. Through my years of working with Emma, she has helped me create a clear, direct path to the power of my own intention and evolve as an artist and architect of my own life experience.

Honest, pure, and rooted in the notion that we are limitless and can be, do, or have anything we desire, Emma's work has inspired me to connect with my authentic self and awaken to my infinite potential. My creativity, relationships, and professional successes have increased by an order of magnitude since I've known Emma. I suggest working with her while you can, because it won't be long before she's on set and on the road with me full time 😉

Brittney Johnson, Mother - Emotional Mastery Course

I Am an Emotional Master.  Taking Juniper's Emotional Mastery course was one of the most profound courses I have ever participated in as it has allowed me to shift my viewpoint from one swimming in the drama, to being able to see a higher perspective of how I can affect my interactions with people in the most incredible ways.  This course has motivated me to integrate practices into my daily life, creating sacred space and conscious release of energy.

I wake up smiling.  I know who/what I am, and I feel comfortable being other people's mirror for their process.  This is a practice...but I am very grateful for the wisdom Juniper has shared and the integration of the transmissions through Kundalini Yoga. Thank you.

Daniela Gil, Holistic Health Coach - Invincible Woman Program

This program has been incredible supportive! The one-on-one sessions, group calls, and worksheets, brought me a lot of clarity and inspired action. In particular messaging with Emma, I could express what I was stuck with and she would bounce it back with more clear direction which dissolved the confusion.

The worksheets helped me be present with my intentions, explore them, express them and really feel them to a depth. They would plants seeds in my mind and then come up later on which was really beneficial. This really assisted in integrating what I was learning, setting me up for self-counseling and self-coaching. With other coaches I would feel really good talking to them and after I would go back to how I felt, the energy would dissipate. With this program I was invited to take direct action and the transformation became a part of me, coming into everything part of my life and shifting it.

Ashley Donovan, Fearlessly Love Your Life Coach - Emotional Mastery Course

I spent thousands of dollars (truly!) last year on coaching and self-development but your coaching and program was what really made the most lasting and distinct changes in my life.
I am actually amidst a break-up and I'm very clear that this is what needs to happen. It's not messy one bit. When you master your emotions, clarity follows. When there is clarity there is no place for drama. It's incredibly freeing! It gives me more room to feed my spiritual side because I'm not wrapped up in pettiness. I'm completely connected to source!

Kate Fontana, Women's Empowerment Guide - Awakened Woman Retreat and Launch Now Program

The retreat I went to with Juniper in Kauai was equal parts joyful celebration of being alive as Women and Sisters, in the beauty of nature and the delight of self-nourishment; and practical, immediately applicable skill-building to advance my vocation, my business, and my money-making ability.

I was gifted with new clarity for my life-purpose and inspired to take new actions for the fulfillment of my purpose. I left feeling so excited for my whole life--for how much I am helping the world heal, and how exquisite my life is and can be in the process!!

Working with Juniper since the retreat has been so enriching to my whole life. I so highly recommend this work with Juniper to any woman is ready to get out of the over-worked/burnt-out/self-sacrificing to a fault hamster wheel.

If you are on the fence about attending, just go. If you have any whispering of "YES! This is for me!", listen to that!

Diana Ng, Visionary Artist - Emotional Mastery Course and Private VIP Retreat

When I started applying what was taught in the course into my daily life, change was instantaneous, relationships became better, in a way I never thought would be possible. Emma has been an excellent facilitator, with much care and support offered anytime you ask or even when you didn't ask, always making you feel loved, safe and supported, and creating a space for you to feel that it is ok to be vulnerable.

She has brought my shadow work to another level, and helped me understand and came to look into my emotions, understand them, accept them and express them in a way that I have never thought of. Although I have understand a lot of theories on emotions before I joined the course, I wasn't able to put them into action, but with Emma's support and practical advices, I feel that my life is silently revolutionizing. I cannot express enough my gratitude for what Emma has done here, I am very grateful I got to join the course and meet Emma in Sedona.

Anonymous, Woman's Empowerment Coach - Invincible Woman Program

So grateful for this whole process not just affecting directly the things I want to achieve, it’s affecting all areas of my life. I’ve become a lot happier, I smile when I look at myself in the mirror. Before it was difficult, or I wanted to quickly look away. Before when I would look at the list of things I want, I would feel worse…. but now when I look at them I know exactly what to do to make these things come true.