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and Retreat Facilitator

Please don’t do these 5 things on a Full Moon (plus 5 tips!)

The Super Moon – which means Full Moon closest to the earth and in direct alignment with the Sun & Earth is Extra Intense and Powerful!

The moon rules our emotional state – just like it directs the ocean tides, it moves the water in our body – full moon brings all emotions to an intensity level to be fully felt, cleared, expressed.

With Complete Self-Responsibility, don’t ‘throw’ or ‘blame’ others.

No matter how At Fault you think they are – your clarity is clouded with emotions. Let the moments pass.

The full moon is time of maximum magical power.

The moon is in Capricorn – earthy, organized, structure energy. With the Sun in Cancer – Home, emotions and nurturing energy.

Time for Balance and Boundaries.

Not Recommended:

  • Engage in vulnerable conversations, bring up potential triggers, blame others (My article on the Do’s and don’ts of triggers here)
  • Start something new
  • Sign any contracts or make new agreements
  • Make big life decisions
  • Try to accomplish tasks if you don’t feel 100% clear and inspired


  • Engage in cleaning/clearing activities (house, body, car, work-space)
  • Be silent if triggered and release the emotions creatively (dance, sing, yell, exercise) – Communicating your clarity on Monday or Tuesday
  • Be very clear about your boundaries and set stronger ones where needed
  • Tie up loose ends/complete projects – And let-go of projects that aren’t fully aligned with your truest desires or re-align them.
  • Do any ‘systems/organization’ tasks you’ve put off
  • Celebrate Yourself ! Notice how amazing you are and the vibration and experience of self-celebration will be amplified
Recommended Rituals: How to Make it Special and Harness this Energy! 

  • Everything is amplified right now – so consciously direct your thoughts and emotions to what you Want. 
  • Be simple, clear, and sincere in your ceremony and prayers
  • Clear space with crystals (selenite, shungite, or quartz crystals), Salt in bowls in the corners, or Aromatherapy (teatree, sage, palo santo)
  • Kiss Your Hand to the Moon – old custom of bringing luck
  • Moon Gaze – And consciously draw the moon to you amplifying your intention
  • Simple declaration to use (light a blue candle first, inhale cypress or patchouli) “Capricorn Moon, bright and round, Keep my feet upon the ground.”
  • Spend some time in nature Listening.

Happy Moon Harnessing,