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and Retreat Facilitator

How writer Hunter S. Thompson played a role in my personal awakening…

Hunter Thompson Deeply Inspires Me. This may be surprising for some 🙂
And some of you may have never heard of him. Following my intuitive inspiration to write an email solely sharing Why…

He was an author, genius, and activist (and infamous heavy drug-user), writer of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and multitude of articles and books, friends with a diverse crowd from Aspen locals to famous actors, politicians, lawyers, artists, and much more.

Though I won’t say I agree with everything he did or would emulate all of his behaviors…He radically embodied authenticity, Life was on His Terms.
That Is Epic.

Writing this message is coming from a deep tender reverence and honoring for his Consciousness Awakening Life. 

….He embodied passion, clarity, humor, honesty, authenticity, unattachment, generosity, straight to the pointedness, weird quirkiness, originality, courage, uninhibited expression, justice, living life fully fearlessly, without compromise, following his own rules, self-reinvention, deep care fo r others and this world without overly caring how it responded to anything he said …Revolutionary… Truly Dictating exactly the way he wanted to live his life. Following his own psyche not the rules of society. Sure, there’s much more to him, of course.

I write this message as it may spark some inspiration for You, as it has for me watching some of his interviews lately and remembering our potent moments together, in your capacity to be RADICALLY YOU… Without concern for what others may think or say.

There are 8+ billion people in this world!! If those around you don’t fully support and adore and appreciate you Being You, there are hundreds of thousands+ who will! Most importantly *yourself! The only constant in your life.

You can’t please everyone, no one can – and when you try to please people, you stifle your own soul’s expression….which creates discomfort, doubt, self-judgment, confusion…and is ineffective for the longer term, and holds you back from success.

And your Soul is requesting to fully shine it’s unique vibration without ego’s hesitation. Repeat Please: IT’S SAFE TO BE FULLY ME.

The tricky part is, not only is it Safe…it’s necessary. Necessary because when you hold in your emotions, hold back your expressions, you cut yourself off from life, from being Alive, and it can downward spiral torturously.

Angels come in All Forms to elevate and create breakthroughs in Consciousness for Us All. Each one of us who embodies Authenticity, Inspires hundreds or more do to the same.

Gratitude for all the ways you Boldly Be yourself now.

With all that I am,