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and Retreat Facilitator

Divine Intervention – A punch in the face?

Divine Intervention – A punch in the face?

Speaking with dozens of clients this last week I’m seeing a bit of a trend going on….Divine Intervention.

And not the gentle kind, but the kind that is a big wake-up call, feels like a punch in the face even.

Truly for a client it was exactly that. 

In other situations it has been:

  • Intense sudden relationship break-up or betrayal
  • Living situation arrangements falling through
  • Pregnancy scares
  • Health Crisis

Take a deep breath if you’re experiencing a divine intervention…..Know that the seeming roadblock to your dreams, what your small self has been attached to,….is Truly Divine. A Gift.

You are literally vibrating things that no longer serve you out of your reality.

See how deeply you can relax, trust, surrender, and fly like a hawk with wide perspective.

The gateway to your freedom:

  • Dissolving judgment/blame as often as possible
  • Trust Yourself with all your might
  • Create the space you need for extra emotional release (in your own energy ideally) – Prioritize it.
  • Know what you know, and don’t need to know more. You have all you need for the one next step being asked of you.
  • Clear energy/emotions rather than communicating from a triggered space
  • Reach out to receive the support you need!
  • Spend time unplugged!

You are so held – Trust the Process, Stay Present, Stay in your Heart….resist temptations to distract yourself with unserving activities.