‘LoveYourLife’ Coach, Yoga Teacher
and Retreat Facilitator

7 Ways to Create More Time

Let’s talk about LEVERAGE….Making the Most of your time here on Earth – I.E. CREATING TIME for what you Most Love.

I have practiced time-expansion techniques in various forms and these have been the most effective.

First – Let me clarify… This isn’t about You having 25 rather than 24 hrs/day ….that wouldn’t necessarily create the results you desire (You might just add more ‘busyness’ to those hours). This is about You cutting away the time you spend doing things that don’t Inspire your Highest Joy.

Let’s do this!

1. Over-ride the following list of thoughts with “I have all the time and space to enjoy my life and fulfill my purpose” (What’s the rush? It’s highly likely it’s because if you ‘accomplish’ something you’ll feel better about yourself…but it’s never-ending, so take care of yourself Now).

*I don’t have enough time to do what I really want

*These tasks need to happen now

*Any thoughts related to ‘urgency’ or ‘rush” (Illusions)

*I’ll just finish this THEN take a break or spend time with my beloved or take care of myself

*I’m too busy

*I have soooo many things to do

(You get the idea)

2. Let go of ‘spending’ time arguing, emotionally processing, and in downward spirals.

You’ll need to be tired of your own drama and done with the self-sabotage of perpetuating these experiences.  It will also be necessary to take full responsibility for your part in creating this, cultivate the capacity to take space and clear the energy….to succinctly and clearly communicate….and most importantly….tune in with your PASSION daily… what are you really wanting to create, who are you here to help? Your drama may not seem as compelling when you are connected to that.

(Need assistance consider my Emotional Mastery Course).

3. Learn how to make decisions quickly without justifying them.

Commit to valuing yourself and learning techniques that really work for getting to the root of why you’re pretending you ‘don’t know.’ Your intuition knows within 9 seconds – or you don’t have enough information to make that decision at that time. It’s not necessary to justify to yourself or others why you want to do what you want to do (though if it involves them it’s nice to share what your needs are and heart’s truth that’s inspiring the choice).

One way is to write a list of what you ‘know to be true’ and what you ‘don’t know’ with that specific decision. Another is to finish the sentence “I love and Believe in myself So Much that I will….”

4. Make a list of things that ‘distract’ or ‘leak’ energy (stop doing them)

For example, facebook ;), conspiracy theories, getting upset at the world or yourself, spending 5 hours price-comparing a hotel, saying yes to helping others when it isn’t appropriate,… you know what they are, it’s not for me to decide what you value.

And DO the things you really want to….NOW, not when you’ve accomplished specific tasks and ‘deserve’ it.

5. Stop spending time with people who bring your energy down

….and stop spending energy looking at people’s facebook profiles or other social media, that results in you either judging yourself or them. When you notice yourself doing that… Redirect to your dreams, goals, passions, self-care.

6. Doing things when you aren’t in the ‘right space/mood’ to do them.

Example, You need to write a biography…This can be done in 15 focused minutes….or weeks of ‘trying.’ When you aren’t in the right space to do something…shift your mood – don’t try to ‘force’ things to happen.

7. Stop putting too much on your plate.

You may think things take much less time than they really do – so you set-yourself-up for Overwhelm by trying to do too many things. Give yourself MORE time to do things. SIMPLICITY is your Friend. Choose one big thing to do each day, week, month, etc.

I HOPE this post activated you in some way… Watch your reaction, learn from it, witness it… see what’s true for you…what you’re ready to let go of and move beyond. And accept exactly where you’re at. I Do.