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The 5 ways to kill or cultivate Romance

Why is Romance SO SEXY? Because having the skill to cultivate it means that after the ‘honeymoon’ phase is over you know how to keep the connection Sparkly and Passionate. Most of us want Romance. I will venture to say the Majority… Though of course Romance means something different for each person so let me…

Healthy Relationship Tips - Try these out...let me know in the comments your experience!

Conscious Healthy Relationship tips: Women: Anytime he says he’s going to spend time with his friends, respond with ‘Have Fun’ Let him ‘take care of things’ for you and express your gratitude and appreciation Men: When she is crying, hug her (let go of trying to fix or solve or talk). Let her know she’s…

This is one of the most profound practices to break thru the limitations of the egoic self and soar into the exhilarating reality that all is sacred, all is Divine, all is limitless! Sit or stand with a partner a foot or so away, close enough to really see into the eyes. Gaze deeply, allowing…

Vibrant Living Tip #11 – TRAVEL! Energize Your Passionate Life | Connect With Your Purpose W/ Juniper: ‘LoveYourLife’ Coach, Yogini, Toltec Teacher & Facilitator juniperclare.com