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Please don't do these 5 things on a Full Moon (plus 5 tips!)

The Super Moon – which means Full Moon closest to the earth and in direct alignment with the Sun & Earth is Extra Intense and Powerful! The moon rules our emotional state – just like it directs the ocean tides, it moves the water in our body – full moon brings all emotions to an…

Healthy Relationship Tips - Try these out...let me know in the comments your experience!

Conscious Healthy Relationship tips: Women: Anytime he says he’s going to spend time with his friends, respond with ‘Have Fun’ Let him ‘take care of things’ for you and express your gratitude and appreciation Men: When she is crying, hug her (let go of trying to fix or solve or talk). Let her know she’s…

How To Go From Stressed to Effective

From Stressed to Effective What is Stress? It’s an emotional and physical response to certain thought patterns, mostly based in the ideas of urgency, confusion, rush, worry. When you run these thought patterns in your brain, it creates very uncomfortable emotional experiences. It’s not that we want the SITUATION to change… but we want the…

Vibrant Living Tip #11 – TRAVEL! Energize Your Passionate Life | Connect With Your Purpose W/ Juniper: ‘LoveYourLife’ Coach, Yogini, Toltec Teacher & Facilitator juniperclare.com