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Precise Formula for handling a trigger (controversial do's and don't's)

After years practicing emotional mastery and assisting clients in their emotional freedom, this is what I’ve discovered are the most effective way to respond to being triggered if you’re interested in evolution, kindness, authenticity, transformation, connection, and truth. An Emotional Trigger in this context: Someone says or does something that triggers you into an experience…

How to Stop a Downward Spiral:

We are all very masterful and perpetuating our downward spirals – going deeper and deeper into the muck, stuck energies, depression, chaos, overwhelmed confusion.… Now we have the opportunity to master redirecting our spirals so they serve us insights and inspirations, self-confidence, and a boost of Aliveness. One of the first things to understand is…

Why Self-Love is crucial for Growth, and 5 things to do TODAY

Self-love might sound like a distant thing, or you may be already experiencing various levels of it – regardless, it’s essential for any personal transformation and growth. At least if you want it to be at any fast-pace and with any ease. Why? Because self-love gives you energy and freedom…. If you want to create…