Her Primary areas of passion and expertise:

  • Creating Sacred Sisterhood among women as we rise beyond competition, jealousy and exclusivity.
  • Transforming drama, stress, overwhelm into Emotional Mastery, centered in your truth as you skillfully handle whatever comes your way.
  • How to not take things personally and become gracefully magnetic
  • How to effectively and powerfully co-create the life you desire, your way!
  • Shifting from codependency, abuse, drama in relationships to thriving interdependent, harmonious, mutually uplifting, and passionate.
  • Taking your life back after victim-abuser-savior relationships
  • Claiming authentic confidence sourced from within as you step beyond the not-good-enough belief system
  • Shifting from over-working, rushing, pushing yourself... to ease, magnetizing your desires, and resting in the experience of life
  • Designing and Living a lifestyle that supports you thriving at your highest potential

Emma Clare Juniper is an Emotional Mastery Expert, Authentic Confidence Coach and Transformational Retreat Facilitator. She assists visionary leaders in accelerating their inner liberation and fulfilling soul-guided success through workshops, online courses, retreats, and VIP Private Coaching Intensives.

Emma’s teachings were created primarily from her rapid self-empowerment journey after an intense abusive relationship resulted in intense trauma triggers, draining codependency, and emotional overwhelm. Her services are also infused with her studies and certifications in Kundalini Yoga, Quantum Touch, Sufism, Divine Feminine Practices, Trauma Release Exercises, Alchemy, Lomi Lomi, Toltec and worldwide travels.

Today Emma gracefully, passionately, and boldly designs high-impact, effective, fun, transformational experiences to sustainably transform drama, stress, overwhelm and confusion into purpose, confidence, and grace.

Additionally she is CEO of Kejiwa, an artisan alchemy company in Sedona and coaches budding entrepreneurs on launching their passion-aligned services with heart-centered marketing practices and stress-free feminine business practices.

Some unique facts about her:

  • She grew up in Waldorf Education from pre-kindergarten through 8th grade and speaks French, Spanish and German.
  • For four years she represented the Youth and Children of the World at the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development in New York, designing and presenting speeches on topics such as air pollution, housing, sanitation, water rights, fossil fuels, and more
  • She spent 4 months in the middle east in 2009/2010 as Director of Logistics for the Princess of Qatar's wedding followed by 10 days in a Syrian Monastery and a month traveling in Egypt
  • Her HugTheWorld Photo Series was shown on an A&E reality tv show
  • She was personal assistant to the writer Hunter S Thompson and in charge of the guest list for his exclusive $4 million budget celebrity memorial service
  • Her first entrepreneurial venture was in 3rd grade caring for her chickens and selling the organic eggs to her teachers, in 6th grade she started working at a bar/hotel and as a nanny in Switzerland, her first registered business was a babysitting agency in Aspen, Colorado
  • Her first service project was organizing the students in her 7th grade class to sponsor children in Africa (which she continued until college), inspired by a 5-week safari the summer before that she went on without any family members.