‘LoveYourLife’ Coach, Yoga Teacher
and Retreat Facilitator

4 Excuses Damaging Your Business & Limiting Your Impact

Excuses are self-sabotage that hold you back from living your dreams. When you let them guide your actions they will:

  • Damage your business
  • Dampen your passion
  • Undermine your confidence
  • Keep you stuck with mediocre results in frustrating patterns

I don’t want that to happen to you, so I have taken 4 of the most frequently used excuses and created suggestions for over-riding them. Keep reading.
Become WAY more interested in following your heart’s Yes than your mind’s excuses.  Miracles Will Happen – Guaranteed.

Speaking of yes’s, I am so inspired  by the incredible women who courageously over-rode their excuses that have held them back for years and came to Kauai with us!


Be That Brave!! We Dare You.  

Whether it’s in saying yes to a retreat or in other ways in your life –  We Empower you to be Free of your Excuses!

4 Main Excuses that may be holding you back:

  • I don’t have enough money  – This excuse means you are operating from lack consciousness and lack perpetuates lack. If you don’t feel you have money for it, then you aren’t fully grasping the value of it – your heart and intuition is able to, so feel into that instead.  Over-riding the excuseClaim your abundance and vibrate it with trust and confidence! Investing in yourself yields the biggest returns if it’s done wisely. 
  • I don’t have time” –  This excuse is based on a “rush” or “stressed” mindset and is dis-empowering as it gives your power away to Time – rather than claiming that you create your reality. You OWN time…You create it, you manage it, and can expand it.  Over-riding the excuse:  If you don’t take care of yourself, are rushed, don’t learn the skills you need – you will be HALF as effective with your time. For real, it takes at least Twice as long to do things when you Rush. What if saying YES to something gave you the opportunity to be twice as effective with your time? Would it be worth it? 
  • “My Family Needs me”  – Oh my goodness Yes – Your family really does needs you and we LOVE your family. This excuse, however, can be from co-dependency and taking on things that aren’t your job – trying to fix things that aren’t yours to fix.  Over-riding the excuse:  What your family Really Needs most is you Thriving…Healthy… Saying yes to what you know you need….you’ll be a better leader, better mom, better partner, and you’re showing by example how important it is to take care of yourself so you can fully show up for your family.
  • I’ll see if it aligns” – Maybe you’re waiting for the universe to make it easy for you? Waiting for your schedule to become more clear, for a friend/partner to decide what they want.  Over-riding the excuse:  This is Your life…take control of your destiny and Create what you desire consciously. 

In the moment the excuse comes up reword to this “I am choosing to Prioritize _____ instead.”

When you claim your yes, the universe will respond and support you.

Many of my clients have used these excuses to hold them back from an experience of a lifetime  that would fast-track themto the success they desire and deserve. 

Many others have met their edge with a trusting leap of faith by registering and are already experiencing the amazing ripple effects of taking a stand for receiving what  they need to thrive

Another way to over-ride your excuses is to remind yourself of the miracles YOU have already experienced.  

My personal example  – Registered for a massage energy healing training that her voices told her “You can’t afford that” – an hour later a woman who owed her $ for 4 years called and sent her the exact amount she needed.  We know you have stories like that.  

Oh and please don’t judge yourself  for using these excuses! We are effectively programmed with them and it takes practice, courage, and support to live life on your terms!

I have used these excuses myself many times…I know how seductive they are… and I know what happens when you over-ride them and Meet Your Edge – Breakthroughs, Living your Purpose, Big Impact, Ease in Finances, Amazing Synchronisities –  Dreams Come True.